Japan-Best Country For Introverts

Why Japan is the Best country for Introverts

For years have fantasized of leaving my homeland and settling abroad. But somehow it was a scary thought. There was always a fear of how things would turn out. Who would be the people, would living turn into a struggle. As a foreigner would I find the new country overwhelming?

And what’s more important, would the country suite my introvert nature. Is the society supportive of Introverts?

All these thoughts kept me from taking my plans to action.

It was until I found Japan. After several sleepless nights researching I was finally sure that japan is the best country for Introverts


Here are the reasons why:


 You will be Nestled in Natures lap:

Japan is a country of exceeding natural beauty. There is no parallel of japans natural beauty with any other. It has rivers, huge pine forests, long beaches, paddy fields, lakes and the famous Fujiyama Mountains.

For us introverts the lap of nature is our second home. You can take along walks, go running, hiking or swimming. Just lose yourself in nature and refresh your soul.


The Food:

Japanese food in Japan is different from what you get in any other country in the world. It’s authentic and really amazing. And not to mention it’s cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Western food may taste a bit different but it will grow on you.

The restaurant ambiance is also different in japan. I find it suitable to my nature. When I go to a restaurant I want to be left alone except when I am ordering.

This exactly how Japanese restaurant operates. There are no overtly enthusiastic waiters who will come and ask you about the food every fifteen minutes. In japan the waiter comes when you call them to order. And then they leave you alone just the way we introverts like it.


The Vending Machines:

Japan has a huge number of vending machines there is one vending machine for two dozen people, that’s a lot of vending machines.

I love vending machines. As an introvert vending machines are perfectly suited for me as it limits my interactions that are not necessary. For a bag of chips I don’t need to go into the store find the chips and then deal with the cashier who tries to up-sell a bunch of other products which have to then refuse. To me as an introvert this a lot of energy wasted which I would rather avoid doing. Hence i find japan best country for introverts.



Public Drinking:

Yes, you heard it right. Japan is one of the countries that allows public drinking and the Japanese society is ok with it, so no one is frowned upon if they are seen drinking in public.

By public places I mean places like the bus, train, on the streets. It is a pretty common sight to see families in a park enjoying a drink while the children play.

Is an introvert this is boon. Sometimes I don’t want to go to a crowded bar or a club to get a drink. Instead I can just get a beer from the store and sit a nearby park bench and enjoy my drink.



Automation to save Energy:

We introverts are stingy about spending our energy. We like to conserve our energies and spend in on the things we really want to do.

In japan the taxi doors open automatically, the toilet flush themselves. These little things happen automatically without me thinking about them. Saving me energy for more important things.



Japan is safe:

This is not just for us introverts but everyone. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. You can walk back from work at midnight if you want without fearing for your life. Or you can take money out of the teller machine at night without fearing for your life.

I am not saying there is no crime in japan or you should run around in the streets at night all alone. But that the crime rate is japan is much lower than anywhere else in the world.



Conservative dressing:

My dressing style can be best describes as understated. As an introvert this style suites me and my nature. Even in my home country I sometimes feel out of place because of my dress. Because people are often wearing loud and flashy clothes.

But here is in japan the norm is to wear the mated colors and undertones. There are people even in japan would wear outrageous clothes but the majority of Japanese people stick to the norm.

So in japan an introvert like me is not out of place in terms of fashion.



The Japanese are polite:

The Japanese people have a reputation of being polite. They are even more polite when they know you are an outsider or new to their culture. When you make a cultural mistake or do something which is not socially acceptable, there is no harsh rebuke. You are reminded very gently of your transgression.

If you in some way hurt the Japanese sentiments, they will let you know. But they do it in such a polite manner and so softly you feel obliged to listen to them.

I am an introvert who is really soft spoken and I like people who are soft spoken. That’s why I like almost all Japanese people because they are all soft spoken.

And I am sure as an introvert you would also appreciate this nature of the Japanese people.



Respect for personal space and privacy:

Everyone needs their own personal space. This is even more important for us introverts. We introverts need our privacy, probably more than anyone else.

When we are sitting at a coffee shop with our coffee, we want to enjoy the taste of the coffee in solitude. We don’t like being disturbed or stared at.

In japan people respect each other’s personal space and privacy. You will be not disturbed in a coffee shop even if you sit all day. The Japanese culture frown upon intrusion of one’s privacy. So as an introvert I love this aspect of Japanese culture.

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