Why I Don’t like being Center of Attention

From the earliest memories of my child hood, I don’t like to be the center of attention in any situation. From being called upon to read in the class room to being the center of attention while cutting the cake on my birthdays, I never like it when I am at the center of attention.

I remember my childhood birthday celebrations. Everyone wishing me happy birthday, I was the center of attention, I cut the cake with everyone looking at me which I hated. Everyone asking me how old I was, what my favorite gift is, what I would like to eat. The focus as on me and unlike other people I honestly didn’t enjoy it.

As soon as I could I stopped celebrating my birthdays. When the social media came about I blocked the social media from sharing the date with anyone. That way I can avoid being put at the center of attention.

To celebrate my last birthday I took a day off from work. Went out to have a brunch all by myself at my favorite breakfast place. Came back home ordered a pizza and watched a movie. In the evening went out for a couple of drinks at the local bar and watched the game. Came back home put on my favorite music and relaxed for the rest of the night.

There was no party, no going out with friends, no one screaming happy birthday. Just me treating myself and having a great time all by myself.

This clearly shows how we introverts hate to be the center of attention. Even the smallest amount of extra attention which is out of the ordinary is not welcome.

This may seem like strange behavior. But it is completely natural for us introverts. I will tell you why we hate being the center of attention.

It’s a lot of Pressure:

Being at the center of attention puts a lot of pressure on us. Everyone is watching us. It puts a lot of pressure on us to be perfect and follow the expectations of others. I am mortified at the thought of being the center of attention.

Makes Us Too Conscious:

Being at the center of attention means all the eyes in the room are on us. This is way too much attention for us introverts to handle, it makes us very self-conscious. We become conscious that we might embarrass ourselves in front of all the people and this fear of embarrassment turns into the hating the attention of people.

The Reactions:

Another factor that makes me dislike being the center of attention is that I don’t know how to react when I am at the center of attention. When everyone is looking at me I am confused whether I should smile or be somber or not emote at all. If I smile people may think I am smiling for no reason if I don’t people may think why I am not smiling. If I show no emotions then people may think I am emotionless.

Hinders Our Observation:

We introverts are very observant and caring by our nature. We understand the emotions of others, we can catch the micro expressions on someone’s face which lets us know the true inner feeling of someone.

As introverts like to observe our powers of observation are only matched by the Legendary Sherlock homes. So when we become the center of everyone else’s attention is turned towards us. Hence we cannot observe others anymore this makes us uncomfortable.

As introverts we thrive on our observation skill and when the tables turn we are like fish out the water desperate to go back to our quite corner and this one of the main reasons we don’t like being the center of attention.

Pressure to Perform:

Another reason why we don’t like being the center of attention is that it puts on us the pressure to perform.

This is a bit subtle and we don’t consciously perceive it but it is there. Let me explain. Say some of your colleagues collectively compliment you on being funny and put you under the spotlight. Now you might feel obligated to be equally funny every time you are with them.

As a result you might feel anxious whenever you are with them as you think they expect you to be equally funny ever time. Therefore you need to fulfill their expectation. And this is one of the reasons why you hate being in the spotlight.

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