9 Ways To Talk To an Introvert Guy or Girl

Now you like this introvert guy or girl. But you are not sure how to talk to an Introvert.

You see them at the local store or in your office or at a cafe having coffee with friends, all this situations are different and the person may or may not be receptive to your approach depending on the situation.

So how do you find the best situation and the best time to approach this introvert guy or girl? I will tell you the best situations and time when to approach and talk to an introvert guy or girl.

In Their Favorite Spots:

The best place to approach an introvert is when they are in places which makes them most comfortable. They can be in music stores or tucked away corners of book stores, in music concerts looking uncomfortable or at a quiet corner in a party.

There are plenty of other places where you would find an Introvert guy or girl lounging all alone. While they are in those places an introvert is most likely to be receptive to your approach.

Body Language:

When you want to talk to an Introvert you should always watch their body language. Observing the body language of a person always helps in understanding their inner moods at the moment.

See if they are faced towards the room or away from the room. Look if they are absorbed in doing something or looking around the room. Or If they are sitting with their arms crossed across their chest it may not be a good time to approach.

If you want to talk to an introvert at a party observe their body language. If they have a receptive body language. It is safe to walk up to them and strike a conversation.

The Approach:

While approaching an introvert guy or girl don’t be too loud or draw too much attention, introverts hate it when someone does that.

Introverts like to be drawn in a conversation but in a non-intrusive way. Just approach the edges of their comfort zone and try to draw them into a conversation. Even better if you try to draw them into a group conversation as Introverts are much more comfortable joining a group conversation.

Once you have successfully drawn them into a conversation give them some space they will chime in when they feel comfortable.

Always remember to give an Introvert space in a conversation don’t crowd them out by your words. While talking to an Introvert always remember to give them the opportunity to join in because if you do not give them the space to join the conversation they will never join the conversation.

Keep in mind that an introvert will never fight for space in a conversation you have to provide that space.

The Conversation:

When you have started a conversation with an introvert don’t linger on the small talk and move on to something substantial fairly quickly.

You should note Introverts don’t like small talk. It makes them loose interest in a conversation and makes them not want to talk any more.

So get over the small talk as soon as possible and move on to something more meaningful. Talk about what interests them, ask them about their opinion on something. Introverts usually have strong opinion on a wide range of topics because they are excellent observers and spend a lot of time thinking.

However they never express their opinion unless explicitly asked for. They never impose their opinion on others. They will listen until invited to join in.

Reading The Signs:

While talking to an introvert you must also read the signs. Are they interested in you or you are going on and on while the other person is not interested in you. so it is important to read the signs early on.

Firstly look for the obvious signs. If they are making eye contact it’s a good sign.

Introverts are excellent listeners. they will listen to you with all their attention even if they are not interested in you. so look for signs that denote interest. if they nod in agreement or smile while you speak to them, you can be sure they are interested in what you are saying.

Next see if they see interested in the conversation if they are speaking on their on their own accord then can be assured that they are interested and your efforts have paid off.

Popping the question:

When you would ask them for a date or their number, it is a big moment . However it is not complicated but the timing is critical.

Don’t ask an introvert guy or girl out on a date within the first five minutes of meeting them. You will most likely get shot down. This is because introverts like to know you first before saying “yes” to anything you say. If you ask them too early they will most likely reply with a “no”.

So if you are going to ask an introvert guy or girl for a date or their phone number then delay the asking the question till late in the evening. Wait for as long as possible and only ask when you have spent some time bonding with them.

The Phone Number:

It is best if you avoid asking an introvert for their phone number. One thing you should know about introverts is that they hate talking on the phone. They avoid phone calls like the plague, when the phone rings it’s a dread for them.

So if you ask for their phone number, right off the bat they send their alarms ringing. The introvert starts thinking about the times you might call them and they would have to pick up the phone call and talk on the phone which they hate to do.

Instead what you can do ask for their number and tell them you would text. This will make them comfortable and ensure them that no phone call is coming their way.

The Introvert Silence:

Introverts need time to think. They just don’t say anything that comes to their mind. They will hear then process and then speak, this entire process takes time.

When you speak to an introvert always take this for granted that they would be the quiet one.

They are quiet not because they are not interested in what you say or they are being bored but because they are listening to you with all their attention, they are trying to understand what is being said and then respond in a meaning full way.

Therefore do not interpret this Introvert silence in a negative way. The introverted guy or girl is trying to understand and process the information and respond in a way which has some meaning. Instead of just saying fluff words like most people.

So if the introvert guy or girl you are talking to is speaking less then you. It’s not a bad sign.

Give Them Time:

This is one of the most misunderstood signs when it comes to talking to an introvert.

You may encounter a situation in which while you are talking to an introverted guy or girl and they after sometime excuse themselves and leave the place. This behavior may leave you completely confused as it looks the other person is not interested in you and left because of that.

The truth is however is far from this. If an Introvert leaves in the middle of a conversation they might be exhausted and really want to go home.Introverts are drained by social interactions and sometimes when their energy is completely drained they are forced to leave the social situation and take refuge in the peace and quite of their home.

You should allow them this break and not hold it against them.

So don’t be heartbroken if the introvert guy or girl you were talking to leaves you mid conversation. Approach them when you meet next time and surely you would hit it off with them.

I hope these tips help you in understanding introverts better. And you use this tips to talk to the introvert guy or girl you have been dreaming about.

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