Famous Introverts who Changed the World.

Most of the world has the belief that Introverts are quiet people who sit in a corner and keep to themselves and do nothing.

But this, however, cannot be further from the truth.

The judgments people make towards introverts are rarely true. Introverts can be very creative individuals and offer their own unique perspective on things. Many of the major achievements of history have been accomplished by introverts.

There are a lot of Introverts in the business world who are wildly successful. Many film stars are self-confessed introverts. There are scientists who were introverts and have achieved momentous breakthroughs in their fields.

Here are some of the Famous Introverts who have made it big in their respective fields:

Albert Einstein

He is one person in history who needs no introduction. What makes him so famous is his theory of relativity (E=MC2). This theory gave him the status of being one of the most brilliant minds to have ever walked the earth.

His became a household name and almost had a rock star-like popularity. He was given the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921.

Albert Einstein on the outside did appear like an extrovert. He attended a lot of press events due to his fame and also gave a lot of interviews but in his heart, he was an introvert.

Einstein took up a job as a patent clerk in Switzerland. During this time at the patient office, he did his groundbreaking work on the theory of relativity. He loved that job because he was an introvert and there was hardly anyone to disturb him when he was lost in thoughts.

As an introvert, his energies were not exhausted by people. He could remain in his own word and focus on what he wanted to do. We introverts love this kind of work environment and in that environment, Einstein thrived. And become history’s most famous introvert.

As introverts, we should be careful about choosing our work environments because it can define what we can create and become.

Stephen Spielberg

He is undoubtedly one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. Over the years Spielberg’s creative vision has created magic on the screen. He has won many academy awards for his films.

His films like Jaws, E.T, Schindler’s List, Raiders of the lost arc had captured the imagination of audiences worldwide.

Spielberg is a self-confessed introvert. According to his many interviews he likes to spend time watching movies and when he has free time he goes on movie watching sprees which would last an entire day.

This goes to show one of the primary introvert characteristics of needing one’s lone time and indulging in a solitary activity. Almost all introverts share these characteristics.

His films like the Jurassic park show that his flights of imagination are not limited to what we see in everyday life but go much beyond that. He is also one of the most creative in the film making industry when it comes to making films that are beyond the ordinary.

What I believe is his introvert nature has helped him conjure up entire worlds with his flights of imagination that no one has ever seen before and made him one of the famous introvert directors.

James Cameron

He is another famous introvert who is also a director. You must have seen movies Avatar, The Terminator, Titanic all of which left the audience baffled were directed by James Cameron.

His vision and film making ability are said to be beyond the times he lives in.

Titanic was the first movie to earn more than 1billion dollars at the box-office. It was also nominated for 14 Academy Awards.

As a child, Cameron was fascinated by science fiction movies and would spend hour’s daydreaming about them. At that time little did he know he grow up to make one of the best Si-Fi movies in history.

James Cameron’s introvert nature shows from the interests that he pursues. He loves diving and deep-sea exploration. During the shooting of Titanic, he made 33 dives to the wreckage of the Titanic on the ocean floor to get footage used at the beginning of the Film.

Diving is a very solitary activity and requires a lot of patience. Cameron spends months on end out in the sea away from civilization with only a small crew with him.

This shows one of the prominent introvert characteristics of loving being on their own.

Sir Isaac Newton

He without doubt one of the most intelligent minds of human history. Isaac Newton is also an example of an extreme introvert. Many credit his extraordinary accomplishments to his genius complemented by his introvert nature. He is one of the most renowned introverts in human history.

We know Isaac newton by the story of an apple falling on his head and then he formulated his theory of gravitation. The story goes that Newton was walking around his yard in a pensive mood and an apple fell from the tree in his yard. This raised a question in newton’s mind as to why does the apple always fall on the ground and not sideways or go upwards.

Twenty years after this incident newton came out with his theory of gravitational forces. During this time he hardly meets anyone and kept mostly to himself.

He also discovered the properties of light and demonstrated with a prism that light could be broken into seven colors. His work with light is exceptional. Newton often stayed locked in his room for months and only opened his door for food and water. He loved to keep to himself and work in solitude. This is one of the primary characteristics of an introvert, he enjoyed his own company more than anything else.

Larry Page

We all love Google, it has been dubbed as one of the most important inventions of human history as it transformed human knowledge. From disconnected bits of information on the World Wide Web Google has transformed it into searchable information on your fingertips. After the Gutenberg press Google has revolutionized how knowledge is transferred.

Larry page the inventor of Google was an introverted child. During one of his interviews, he said he used to spend hours locked up in his room taking things apart. He elder brother was his closest companion. He did not have many friends and spend most of the time indoors. This goes to show the introvert trait of Larry page.

Page was also an avid reader. He loved to read his technology magazines and spend huge amounts of time poring over his magazines and books. This is another classic introvert characteristic of an introvert the love for reading. Reading is fundamentally a solitary activity and helps us introverts to regain our energies. It also a very creative time for us introverts.

So if you can find resemblance of your childhood with Larry page then great things may be in store for you.

Elon Musk

If you have not heard his name then probably you must have heard about the companies he founded such as PayPal, Tesla Motors, space x, the boring company. He is called the real-life Iron man the billionaire philanthropist, playboy, genius.

But behind this Uber successful genius lies an introvert. Yes, you head it right the person who has accomplished so much is an Introvert by nature.

From his early childhood musk was a quiet and introverted child. He spends a lot of his time in his head and distantly gazing off. This happened to the point that his parents thought he was deaf and had him tested.

Musk’s personality was of the quiet type, he was lost in his own world as most introverts are. But this was not taken very kindly by his peers. He was bullied mercilessly by some of his peers. According to him, the bullying made his childhood very hard. This happens to many introverted children who are ostracized by their peers for being different.

We must also teach you the younger generation that their quite classmate is not different from them they just like spending time with themselves. This way we can makes the lives of introvert kids a lot better. 

J.K Rowling

She is undoubtedly one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. Her harry potter books have sold more than 500 million copies. She became one of the richest authors of the world and was named one of the most influential persons in Britain.

As with many writers who need to spend most of their time alone either writing or reading books, Rowling also spends most of her time with books or lost in her own thoughts.

In her childhood, she spends most of her time reading books. As an introvert child, Rowling did not have many friends or go out much. She spends most of her time indoors either reading or writing. During her childhood, she wrote fantasy stories which she read out to her sister. This shows the highly creative side of Rowling.

As most introverts like to be left alone, the idea of harry potter came to her during sitting on a delayed train lost in her thoughts. She is a self-proclaimed introvert and says that her introvert nature has helped her in making up an entire universe in her head, which we so lovingly read as harry potter books.

These are not the only introverted famous people. There is a long list of famous people who are introverts and loners and have made a huge name for themselves. Being an introvert was not their weakness but their strength.

So how do you know if you are an introvert? Well, the quickest and surest way tell if you are an introvert is how you fell in social situations. I like going out a lot and meeting friends and strangers and you feel good and energized after socializing then you are an extrovert. If you stay home for a day and did not have any human contact, it makes you restless then it is a sure sign of being an extrovert.

However, if social gatherings and meeting people doesn’t excite you much and even if you do it you feel drained and exhausted then you are an introvert. You may need time alone

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