We Surveyed 100 Extroverted Introverts-Here is the Real Truth

The term Extroverted Introvert might be confusing for many. Extreme Introverts may be loners and have a tendency to shun social contact.

But if you are an Extroverted Introvert you will be different.

You can socialize but you need your time alone. You can have conversations with a stranger but still you hate small talk.

There might be days when you go out and meet a lot of people and on other days you just stay home read a book and watch some Netflix and talk to almost no body.

When you read an article about introversion you feel that it resonates with you. Yet there might be some parts that do not completely match up with you.

You think yourself to be an introvert yet some of the things that are difficult for an introvert comes pretty easily to you.

If the answer is “yes”

You Might be an Extroverted Introvert.

An extroverted Introvert means that a person has both the traits of an Introvert and an Extrovert.

Think of a scale and on one end lie the introverts and on the other end the extroverts. Now people who are extreme introverts lie on the far end of the scale to the introverts side and people who are pure extrovert’s line on the end of the scale on the extrovert’s side.

introversion scale
Introversion scale

A person usually contain both the traits of introverts and extroverts in various degrees, depending on which they are positioned on the scale. Sometimes a person has more introverts character and less extrovert character and sometimes they have more extrovert traits and less introvert traits.

Sometimes people have both the characteristics of an introvert and an extrovert in almost equal proportion, these people are called Extroverted Introverts.

It’s About the Company:

 As an Extroverted Introvert you have both the characteristics of an extrovert and an introvert.

When you are with certain people, for example, you can keep on talking for hours, you don’t feel tired or drained. You are like fish in the water merry and comfortable.

But then again with certain people, you feel drained very quickly.

You don’t like to talk much in their company and feel bored. So you want to get away as quickly as possible.

You Need Time to Trust People:

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not your style.

You need time to open up to people. Because when you meet someone you can’t trust them enough to share every little detail about your life with them. You need time to build trust with them and let them see the real you.

But once you are comfortable with them and trust them enough, they get to see the real you. The funny, vibrant full of life you. The more a person spends time with you, you appear to be more and more extroverted to them.

Your full light shines upon them once they get to know you.

Quality over Quantity:

As extroverted introverts we have qualities like the extroverts, but your people’s energy is usually not as vast as the extroverts.

We prefer to have quality company rather than having hordes of people that you don’t really enjoy.

Extroverted Introverts have more social energy then Introverts, still their social energy is limited. So they prefer to spend this energy selectively.

The Place is Important:

Places like a rustic café with good food and beautiful music may energies you.

But you may feel drained in a concert with loud music and thousands of people around you. This is the case with most extroverted introverts.

They are very much connected with their surroundings. They may feel drained or energetic, happy or sad depending on their surroundings and the company they have.

You can Analyze and also Articulate:

You can make conversations with people with ease. People find you interesting to talk to and they also love you for the fact that they find it very easy to talk to.

You make sure everyone around you is having a good time.

You may seem like an extrovert to most people but you also have the introvert’s advantage. You are always observing, careful of every minute detail and sensitive to the people around you.

Your mind is always at work.


Love Hate Relation with Meeting People:

Extroverted Introverts do like to meet people and Socialize but they can do it only to a certain extent.

Extroverts can be on a spree of partying and socializing but outgoing introverts need a break between socializing. On certain days you feel like going out and meeting people and on other days you just don’t want to see anyone else.

Just like the tide comes in stays for some time and then goes. Outgoing introverts energy come and go like the tide. On time they are full of energy ready to socialize then the tide of energy goes down and then they retreat from the crowd into their safe heavens.

You have Clear Boundaries:

As Outgoing introverts you will have similar traits as extroverts. You will be outgoing, easy to have conversations and at times the life of the party. But all this is conditional, it depends on our energies.

You spend time with people but only when you feel like doing so.

At parties you can dance to your hearts content, have heart felt conversations with people about everything under the sun but when your energies run out, your introvert nature kicks in and you need to recharge your batteries at home alone.

extroverted-introvert-meme-setting clear bounderies.
extroverted-introvert-meme-setting clear bounderies.

Small talk takes a lot of Effort:

Extroverted Introverts do have the ability to make small talk. They can appear to be interested in the conversation and also make the other person feel at ease during the conversation.

However these conversations take a lot of energy and drain them very quickly.

But on the other hand while having meaningful conversations on deep topics or discussing new ideas you feel energized and you can go on forever. While for extroverts the content of the conversation doesn’t matter, for outgoing introverts what matters is the content and quality of the conversation.

You appear to be an Extrovert:

On the scale of introversion, extroverted-introverts lie somewhere off center on the extroverted side. You seem a lot like an extrovert but you are an introvert at the core.

This can be confusing to a lot of you friends and family. You are so outgoing and expressive it’s hard for them to believe that you are an introvert. It will be hard for you to explain to them you nature and energy cycles.

Sadly, there is not much that you can do about it, it is how nature of things are. And it’s this conundrum extroverted introverts have to live with.

You Don’t like Group Conversations:

When you are with a group of friends you tend to be quiet. You don’t seek attention for yourself, by cutting out others or speaking loudly over them.

You are happy to listen to everyone talk and soak in everything. Because extroverted introverts find it difficult to figure out the perfect time to join the conversation.

What you prefer is one to one conversations than a group conversation. When in a group you prefer to keep quite most of the time.


We won’t respond to Calls Ever-Time:

Extroverted Introverts usually have no problems talking on the phone. But at certain times when we have been continuously meeting people, going to parties, socializing a lot we become completely drained and we need to retreat to the sanctuary of our homes in order to hibernate and recharge our energies.

During this time we don’t feel like talking on the phone or texting anyone. We also don’t feel like replying to text or picking up the phone.

So, to the people whose calls we didn’t pick up or reply to their texts. Please don’t take it personally, it has got nothing to do with you. But everything about us.

To Go or Not to GO:

We extroverted introverts have a hard time deciding whether to go or not.

If you have an invitation to a party you find it tough to decide whether to go or stay at home and watch you favorite series on Netflix. Going out is fine with you but it requires an energy commitment on your part but if you stay home you can relax and recharge your batteries.

But you do go out, there is no holding you back. You enjoy to the fullest and socialize till you are exhausted.

You Have Friends but lack Connection:

Extroverted introverts have a huge social circle of acquaintances, friends, and close friends. They go out with these acquaintances and can have a good time but they don’t feel and connect with them.

Secondly is the circle of close friends with whom you hang out most of the time, you have some things in common with them, may be you like the same club or you like to go hiking or fishing with them but that’s probably the only thing you have common with them.

Lastly are the close circle of friends, these are the people whom you are most attached to. With them, you feel most at ease and you can be yourself with them.

But even with your closest friends you might not feel completed connected. This is experienced by many extroverted introverts.

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