Best Jobs For Introverts

Job satisfaction, finding meaning and making a difference is important part for anyone doing a job. Whoever it is more important in case of introverts because if an introvert doesn’t find meaning and satisfaction in their job they become morbidly unhappy.

Some of us are satisfied with the kind of work we do. But a huge majority consists of people who are not at all satisfied with their work.

Work is an essential part of our lives. We spend most of the time of our adult lives at work. An average person spends about 90,000 hours at work during their entire life, it’s all most one third of our lives spend at work.

That is why it is critically important for us introverts to find jobs that are not draining on us. If our job does not suite our personality type then it becomes a mental and emotional drain on us.

Now you see the magnitude of the issue. If such a huge portion of our lives is being spent at something that we do not enjoy and gives us no satisfaction then our life as we know it is a waste. By the end of this article I hope you would be able to zero down on a job that suites your introvert personality type.



I am a blogger and as an introvert I cannot but recommend the job of a blogger to my fellow introverts. When you are a blogger you get to work all by yourself. You set your own time and hours. You get absolute freedom and solitude. The freedom that we hold so dear and eternally carve.

When you are your own boss there is no need for an external boss, you will have no one breathing down your neck. You are not in an office environment so there is no drain on your mental energies. A Job for introvert can be considered good when it minimizes the social drain we experience from social interactions.

So becoming a blogger is I would highly recommend to my fellow introverts.

Introvert job as social media manager

Social Media Manager:

This job is relatively new in the job sphere. Even ten years back this job did not exist. But now that it exists it is a great job for us introverts.

As a social media manager you need to develop and implement marketing campaigns for businesses on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. For this a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking is required and this is the perfect playground for introverts as we are good at both.

One who is good at social media and understands how it works is eligible for the job.

If you have a degree in the field of marketing, computer science or public relations you can definitely think about having a career as a social media manager.

software engineer-best jobs for introverts

Software engineer:

Being a software engineer is a perfect job for introverts. The job profile of a software engineer includes working on anything from web based applications, content management, database, operating systems.

If you are an introvert in your teens you may want to steer the direction of career in this direction. As being an introvert the job of a software engineer would satisfy most of your natural tendencies in the long term.

You would be able to use your creative side and also the insolation of working on a computer. There is minimum interaction or involvement with strangers on a daily basis. You will only work closely with your peers whom you would be associated for projects for a long time. So there is no daily drain on your energies.


An artist’s job is the ultimate job for introverts. If you are an introvert and you have an artistic side to you. You should consider yourself very lucky that you have this talent.

A career in art gives you total freedom in terms of work and privacy. An artist doesn’t need to go to an office they usually work from the comforts of their studio which is their home or a rented space. They work according to their own timing. And sometimes according to the schedule of their clients if there is a deadline to a project.

Artists make money by selling their works of art through galleries and exhibition.

For an introvert working from a private space is excellent for their overall well being and happiness.

One of the highs of being an artist is that it requires no formal qualification. Some artist do have a degree or diploma in fine arts but that is not mandatory. Artists who have a good portfolio are hired promptly by the galleries.

best job for introverts-photographer


Another job for introverts that is perfectly suited for their nature is of a photographer. Being a photographer entails spending the larger parts of your days with the camera and the working on post production on the computer.

If you love to click photos and have an artistic eye for what makes a good photo, then you should definitely consider photography as a career option. Photography as a career for an introvert can be hugely satisfying both in terms of career and their nature.

As an introvert photographer you can work in various fields such as, advertising, travel, food, political, war, events, glamour, and wildlife.

The field of wildlife photography or travel and food photography is extremely satisfying. Wildlife photography involves spending time in the forests and jungles alone or with a small team, which is perfect for introverts. As a travel and food photographer you will often travel alone or work in the studio both are perfectly suited for introverts.

product designer-best job for introverts

Product Designer:

Product designers are required in all industries from medical industries to automobiles to kid’s toys. They are required everywhere.

Product designers use their skills to create new products. It may designing a car or designing kids toy or an industrial machinery, Sometimes they product designers are hired by a company to improve upon an existing product.

Being a product designer is one of the best and most lucrative job for introverts. Just the way we introverts like it product designers mostly work on their own. They design the product and hand it over to the another person who then presents the product to the clients. But if you are working directly with the client you might have to pitch it yourself to the clients.

The working hours are flexible but sometimes they required to work long hours in order to meet deadlines.

Product designers pay increases as they gain more experience in the field and as their portfolio expands.

A degree in engineering, science or design is essential in entering the field. Further a degree or diploma in the field of product design would be an added advantage.

Being a product designer is one of the best jobs for introverts. If you are an introvert studying in the field of engineering, science or design you can consider steering you career in the direction of becoming a product designer.

makeup artist - best job for introverts

Makeup Artist:

Being a makeup artist could a one of the best jobs for introverts. Makeup artists have ample amount of freedom. They work according to their own timings.

Once a makeup artist is well recognized in the industry they can dictate their own terms. For an introvert there is nothing like being able to work on their own terms. There are very few jobs that offer the flexibility that a makeup artist enjoys.

Makeup artists are hired by media companies, fashion shows, photographers. And sometimes by prominent personalities to work as their personal makeup artists.

The pay is usually on hourly and daily basis. Once a makeup artist is well established in their field, they can command very high remunerations for their services.

As a makeup artist you would need to travel a lot ones you are established in the field. This could mean frequent trips abroad and to exotic locations. I personally know an introvert makeup artist who loves the fact that he gets to travel to exotic locations. After the shoots are over he wonders off alone to have some lone time and recharge his batteries. And what better place to do it then in a foreign exotic location with a view to die for.

tattoo artist - best job for introverts

Tattoo artist:

If you are an introvert and you have a passion for art and love to doodle make sketches or drawings then being a tattoo artist can be a very fulfilling job for you.

A tattoo artist’s job is obvious. He makes permanent drawings on peoples bodies. They design the tattoos for their clients. Sometimes they use the designs brought by their clients, sometimes the tattoo artist.

Some artistic skills are required to make it big as a tattoo artist. Ideally you should start as a junior tattoo artist assisting a more experienced artist. It’s all hands on experience.

Being a tattoo artist is one of the jobs that require no formal experience. It’s your skill as a tattoo artist that matter.

Being a tattoo artist can offer incredible amounts of freedom. For an introvert that’s a big deal as we introverts love our freedom. There is no clock timing you, there is no boss looking over your shoulders, there are no pesky co-workers to deal with that is something every introvert dreams to have in their work life.

The being an introvert tattoo artist you must be ready to work really hard. The lack of socializing has to be compensated by the kind of work you do. The tattoos that you do should speak for themselves.

The working hours of a tattoo artist is not fixed. You have to make time according to the schedules of your clients. However once you gain reputation you can take appointments according to your convenience. Usually the weekends of a tattoo artist is extremely busy.

As an introvert being a tattoo artist would one of the most fulfilling career options. As it provides ample amount of freedom and flexibility that we introverts crave.

chef-best job for introverts


A chef is one of the most underrated jobs. We forget or ignore the fact that whatever we eat at a restaurant or a dinner is made by a chef. The chefs remain a mystery who work from behind the curtains and fill our bellies with delicious food.

If you are a foodie and more importantly if you love to cook and you are good at it. Then being a chef could be one of the best job for introvert personalities.

Chefs do not need to interact with their customers. There is no public relations skills required. A chef can keep doing this own thing from the comforts of his kitchen.

There is usually no boss that you need to report to once you move up the ladder being the head chef. You will have people working under you i.e. the junior chefs or the interns. Being the head chef also brings a lot of responsibility.

Being in a busy restaurant you will be in the heat of things. You must have the knowledge of the current trends in the food industry. The junior chefs will be at your disposal, you will have to assign them work, check the meals prepared for the diners, prepare the specialty dishes yourself. You will also be responsible for interviewing and training the staff.

As a chef you will also be expected to come up with new dishes to add to the menu which are exclusive to you. Which also lets you explore your creative side.

museum worker-curator best job for introverts

Museum worker or curator:

Curators and museum workers usually work in museums, historical sites, for governments, college and universities. They supervise and aid the collection of historic items. They also arrange the viewing for the general public. The museum curator and conservator work to prepare and restore historical objects that are in possession of the museum.

As an introvert working in a museum is one of the best job environments. The environment is quite, there is no rush, and there is hustle and bustle. The interaction with new people is almost nonexistent. There are no surprises in the work environment that drain your energies.

You will have to work closely with a small group of people which is conducive for an introvert. This can be a very comfortable job for introverts.

In order to be a curator one usually requires a master’s degree related to the positions field. A degree is archeology or anthropology is usually required. The technicians have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Usually prior experience is required to enter field. Experience can be gained by volunteering in museums.

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