Best Christmas gift for Introverts

Christmas is again here. It is that time of the year when we start shopping for our loved ones. However shopping for some is more difficult than others.

As an introvert I have received Christmas gifts that I hate with all my guts. It’s not that I am very choosy about the gifts that I get. But try as we may we introverts are very specific about the things we like, we can’t help it. That’s the way we are. Same goes with the gifts we receive.

So this Christmas I have decided to compile a list of gifts that I personally as an introvert feel would be a great gifts for introverts.

noise cancelling head phones-best gift for introverts

Head phones: 

we introverts love head phones. In Any form any kind. Head phones offer us an island of peace and tranquility while out in the loud world. It gives us a chance to recharge our batteries while on the move.

Any headphones are great but a noise cancellation headphones would be a truly great gift for an introvert.

Netflix subscription-best gift for introverts

Netflix Subscription:

 We introverts love our movies and Netflix series. Our idea of a perfect weekend is Netflix and chill. When we are at home chilling Netflix is a great companion.

A one year Netflix subscription would be a great gift for an introvert. Because we introverts have a great appreciation for creativity and fiction.


A Pet:

we may shun human contact at times but pets bring us joy. When we are trying to recharge our batteries we don’t mind having our pets around. They don’t talk much nor want our attention all the time, there is no awkward silence. It would one of the best gifts for an introvert who is also an animal lover which we usually are.

It may be either a pup or cat or a turtle or anything depending on the person. Before deciding to give a pet as a gift you should find out discreetly as to what kind of pet would be best suited.

best gift for introverts-note book


we introverts love to journal. This may be a generalization but most of us do. A good quality notebook with leather binding and an off-white shade of paper takes us to writing heaven.

Also we introverts love the finer things in life a high quality note book would be a perfect gift. It would serve as a store house for an ever emerging creative thoughts that keep popping in your heads.

reading light-best gift for introverts

A Book Reading Light:

we introverts love to read. Well most of us do. We spends hours reading our favorite books. Sometimes we lay late at night reading until the birds start to sing.

With these kinds of reading habits. A soft reading light would be an awesome gift.

kindle-best gift for introverts

A kindle: 

Hardcovers are our wives, paper backs the mistress and the kindle is our shiny swanky girlfriend. We can never give up hardcovers and paper backs but the kindle is the new shiny toy.

It can store all our favorite books when we are on the move.It’s easy to carry and with the back light we can read even in the dark. If the introvert in your life doesn’t already own one a kindle would be one of the best gifts for an introvert.

I hope this list of gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for the lovable introvert in your life. This list is a work in progress, do check back as I keep updating this list.

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