5 Best Jobs for Introverts with ADHD

What is the best job for an Introvert with ADHD? This is a question I have been pondering for a long time.

We introverts are unique in our own right, we have our special needs and requirements. We are very particular about what kind of environment and people we expose ourselves to. Finding the right job for us introverts is quite the challenge.

Things become even more challenging when an introvert is also a person with ADHD.

While searching for a job for an introvert with ADHD it is important to keep in mind the characteristics of both Introverts and person with ADHD.

While looking for careers for introverts, one should keep in mind the natural tendencies of an introvert. The best jobs for introverts should not have the need to constantly meet new people on a regular basis. Also highly competitive work environments are not compatible with introverts, if introverts are put in highly competitive work environments they would soon face burn out.

And lastly, Introverts can never be happy with jobs that offer nothing more than a pay-cheque. They crave meaning and fulfillment in a job.

On the other hand People with ADHD have a completely different need in the job environment. Opposed to introverts ADHD’s need a job that is always changing and requires to switch from one task to another.

People with ADHD require jobs that are high in energy, require a short attention span so that they do not get bored.

Here are 5 jobs that are best suited for an Introverts with ADHD.

These jobs have a mix of isolation, autonomy and sometime require busts of energy and frenzy. So it satisfies both the introverted side and the ADHD side of their personality.


Teaching is one of the most Nobel professions in the world. It is the profession that makes all other professions in the world. A doctor or an engineer or a janitor all had been taught by a teacher.

A teacher’s reach extends far beyond the class room. The job of a teacher is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. This why introverts who crave meaning in their jobs find teaching to be extremely satisfying. It quenches an introvert’s thirst of finding meaning in what they do.

 From an ADHD point of view a teacher’s job requires creativity, thinking quickly on their feet which is a strong point for the people with ADHD.

Teaching also requires a lot of patience and Introverts have the ability and patience to deal with kids. Most introverts also have a very high empathy, which helps in understanding the children and helping them overcome their struggles.

Introverts with ADHD also have the advantage that they can understand the needs of the children with ADHD, who are often dubbed as the problem kids by other teachers. As a person with ADHD they have the ability to connect with the Kids with ADHD and help them with their struggles from their own personal experience.

Hence a teaching job is very satisfying and fulfilling for Introverts with ADHD

Life style Journalist:

Do you like to write? Is there a connection that you feel with words? Have you dreamed of travelling round the world while making an income, then being a lifestyle journalist is for you.

Most of the introverts that I know or have come across in my life are more comfortable with written words than speech. They like to read a book instead of listening to a lecture and prefer text messaging to phone calls.

Written words are close to their hearts.

So being a life style journalist brings out the strength of writing of an Introvert. You need to write articles and news items on everyday basis. Coming up with new topics and engaging narrative to keep the audiences captivated. Which would be easy considering your love for words.

Sometimes you also have to take up tasks like editing, proof reading and layout design which would also be in your strong areas.

Another big part of being a lifestyle journalist is travelling. As a lifestyle journalist you would need to travel a lot in order to find and write unique stories for your readers. The travels that you undertake will satisfy the ADHD side of your personality

People with ADHD love to travel. It gives them a sense of adventure. While traveling to a new place a person with ADHD doesn’t feel bored or anxious. It also fulfills their need for dynamism and constant change.

So being a Lifestyle Journalist is perfect for an Introvert with ADHD.


Being a nurse is one of those jobs that provide a high level of job satisfaction. It is also a very essential profession as it deal with the health and wellbeing of a person.

Being a nurse requires a lot of compassion and caring attitude for one to be successful in this profession. Most of the time nurses are going to deal with people who are sick and their relatives who are anxious about their loved ones health, its necessary for one be sensitive to their needs.

Introverts as we all know are often highly sensitive and have very strong sense of empathy towards other people can be very successful in being a nurse.

One of my friends who is nurse tells me stories about how patients and relatives who had been under her care if they or their relatives come in the hospital they would look for her and request her to attend them or their loved ones. My friend was very presently surprised at this phenomenon but I was not. I knew exactly why this was happening.

My friend was an Introvert by nature, she was sensitive and had lots of empathy. These introvert qualities spilled over into her job and the patients under her care could feel that she truly cared. And because of this they always insisted to be under her care.

Another aspect of being a nurse is the frantic pace of handling emergencies. In the health care sector one second can determine the difference between life and death. One has to be always alert and keep a cool head even under pressure. This is one of the strong points of being a person with ADHD, they are able to stay calm and composed under a lot of pressure.

As a nurse there is constant change in the work environment. There are new patients every day, each patient is different and require to be handled differently. This kind of work environment is suitable with a person with ADHD as they tend to get bored easily. The changes in the patients and situations keep their ADHD side of their personality satisfied.

Freelance Writer:

I myself being a freelance writer and blogger could not resist myself self from recommending Freelance writing in this list. But I am not doing this because I am biased towards freelance writing but only because I genuinely feel it is a very good career option of introverts with ADHD.

A freelance writer’s job is to write articles, blog posts, eBooks, etc. for their clients in a limited time frame. Completing the work in the stipulated time is a big responsibility of any freelance writer.

A freelance writer may work for several clients or companies at the same time. However it is his responsibility to make sure that the quality of his work doesn’t suffer.

Working as a freelance writer one is expected to have perfect grammar and spelling. One should also use the particular jargons used in the particular field while writing the articles. The work should reflect the honesty, integrity and hard work of the writer.

A freelancing career gives you the option of variety, autonomy and above all flexibility. But it is also challenging in many ways because you would juggling so many projects at once.

From an introverts point of view a freelance writer’s job gives you the autonomy to work from the comforts of your home. You don’t have the stress of dealing with a boss or pesky colleague who drain your energies.

And for the ADHD side of their personality it has enough dynamism. There are lot of projects to handle so if one project gets monotonous then it is easy to shift to something else for some time.

There is also no fixed working hours so Introverts with ADHD will not fell restricted. They have enough freedom to regulate their working hours according to their needs.

Forensic Scientist:

This is one of the offbeat jobs ever suggested for an Introvert with ADHD. But trust me I have come up with this job recommendation after a lot of research and analysis.

The job of a Forensic Scientist is to examine the crime scene and gather evidence from the scene of the crime and then analyze the evidence in relation to the crime.

Forensic scientists mostly work in their labs, they are isolated from rest for the law enforcement department most of the time. They work closely with a small team of experts. Which is perfect for introverts as there is no need to meet new people most of the time.

Introverts have great observation capacity almost nothing that goes on escapes the eyes of an introvert. If there is something odd in a particular situation or place you can sure it has not been missed by the quite introvert.

This exceptional observation skills of introverts makes them the perfect candidate to be a Forensic scientist.

But it not all lab work. For the ADHD side of their personality there is enough action to not get bored.

Forensic scientists are often called on the crime scene to collect evidence. They are closely involved in the case and are often the key to solving a particular crime. So there is enough dynamism in this line of work for an Introvert with ADHD to not get bored.

Software Programmer:

This a job that almost everyone knows about. But why is this job suitable with Introverts with ADHD is not known to everyone.

A software programmer’s job is to write code and develop software for computers, phones, websites and everything that requires a computer program to run.

Today almost everything runs on a piece of code developed by software engineers, from mobile phones, to computers, to cars and even our washing machines are run by programming codes. Hence this is job that will be in high demand till the foreseeable near future.

The work of a software programmer is mostly on his computer. He works at his desk most of the time. There is very less interaction with new people or changes in the working condition that usually drains an introverts energies.

Sometimes they do have to work with a team and collaborate with other people but the team is usually very small and do not change till the end of project which may last from a few weeks to several months.

For the ADHD side of their personality, coding is very challenging and requires a lot creativity which would appeal to the restless side of their personality.

There are always new challenges to overcome and to overcome these challenges often a fresh outlook is required. People with ADHD are often highly creative and love to solve challenges which require innovative thinking.

Hence their restless and creative side which seeks constant vanity will also be satisfied.


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