10 signs that an Introvert likes You

Being an introvert I always had trouble in expressing my interest to my crushes. My extrovert friends, on the other hand, had no problem in passing on the message that they were interested.


Later in life, I realized that the signals of interest I was showing to the girl was totally lost on her. And so they did not reciprocate and I kept thinking no one was interested in me.

For an introvert, it’s almost impossible to mimic an extrovert and convey our romantic interest sponteniously.

So my request to everyone else is to be a little more receptive and look out for the signs that may indicate that an introvert around you has more than platonic interest in you.

These are the Very Subtle signs that an Introvert likes you:

We Share our thoughts with you:

We Introverts have a very rich inner world. Our thoughts are vivid and diverse. There is a whole new world inside our heads that we rarely show anyone.

If we like you, we tell you about the dreams we have and that we are sometimes scared of those dreams. We share our childhood fantasies, Our struggles of adulthood. And everything that we hold dear and rarely share with anyone else.

We do this so that you also share your world with us and because we think you are special. And already hold a special place in our heart.

When an introvert shares their inner thoughts with you can be pretty darn sure that they are interested in you.

We engage you:

In the dating world, if you are interested in someone, you approach them and talk to them and show your interest in them and they pretty much get the signal.

But for an introvert approaching someone doesn’t come naturally. And engaging in small talk and showing that we are interested by the way of flirting is even harder. So we usually avoid approaching someone we like altogether, and our interest remains unexpressed.

But at those rare times when an introvert musters all their energies and comes up to someone to start a conversation, you know they are really into you.

If you see someone who fits the introvert personality type come up to you or someone else to start a conversation or tries to get your attention. This is a sure sign that an introvert likes you. Otherwise, they would not have spent the energy in trying to approach and strike up a conversation in the first place.

You see them Around Quite Often:

When an introvert likes you, it’s highly unlikely that you would come to know of their interest immediately. The signs are subtle, really subtle. And you would be able to spot the signs only if you know what to look for.

Recently I was sitting in a coffee shop with a girl from my college days. And I confessed to her about the big crush I had on her. She was completely surprised and shocked. She said she had not a clue. This was nothing new, as an introvert, I am used to my love being lost in the oblivion.

Looking back I did make efforts to make my interest clear to her. I took all the same classes as her. Went to all the games she went to. I pulled all strings to be invited to parties she would go to (Heck, I even went to those parties). I was in all the group photos she was in. But now it seems like all the efforts had gone to vain.

So if you notice someone who seems like an introvert and you notice them around you a lot, even in places which introverts don’t usually like to go to (eg- parties and games). You can be sure the introverted person has a liking for you. And you are the reason they are there.

Introvert recharging info-graphic

They Invite You Into Their Space:

For us introverts our personal space is our sanctum sanctorum, we guard it with all our might. Our personal space is where we seek refuge from the world. When we run out of energy we go to our personal space to recharge. So it is of utmost importance to us.

Our personal space is not only our home or our dorm room. We make our personal space everywhere we go, our own island of comfort and solitude. The lunch table we sit on, the park bench or the shade under the tree, all serve us as temporary islands of privacy. Even the headphones we plug in to cut out the rest of the world is an instrument for creating our own private space.

We Introverts are very protective of our personal space. And we hate it when someone invades our personal space.

So when an introvert invites you to join them for lunch at their table or asks to walk them to the end of the corridor this is an invitation into their personal space. Even if they offer you one of their earbuds to listen to the music they are listening to, that is also a subtle way of them inviting you into their personal space.

Accept these offers, as they are sure signs that an introvert who likes you would show. And soon they might be ready to share more intimate spaces like their room with you.

Your cat dies! We know about it.

When an introvert likes someone we need to know everything about them.

We need to know your address, phone number, your high school, your high school crush, what’s your mom like, what’s your dad like, what are your siblings like, what’s your favorite type of coffee, your favorite restaurant, your favorite animal, what’s your dog’s name, what’s your neighbors name, what’s your neighbors daughters name, you get the drift. We must know everything that’s to know about you.

Now, this may seem a lot like stalking. But trust me, we introverts are not stalkers. We don’t go about collecting information about every single person we come across. We just want to know about the people we like.

So in a conversation, if you suddenly realize that a person who you thought was quite seems to know a lot about you. You can be sure that an introvert likes you.

We tell you. “call me”.

It is a widely known fact that we introverts don’t like to talk on the phone. We see the phone call as an intrusion into our privacy.

Sometimes when we receive a phone call when we are not actively expecting it we just let it go to the voice mail, even if it is from our best friend. We introverts tend to be drained by social interactions, phone calls are also social interactions. While we are recharging we tend not to pick up phone calls from anyone.

Because the phone calls also drain our energies. It is the unexpected nature of the phone call that irks us.

You see how we shun phone calls.  Now if an introvert is telling you to call them this is sure sign that they are into you. It also says they are willing to let go of their comfort zone just to talk to you.

The energy depleted is worth it when we like someone.

They are ready to help you:

We introverts are helping people in general. If our close near and dear ones are in need of help we are the first ones to respond. Helping others is in our nature. If an introvert likes you they will be extremely helpful towards you.

However we introverts do not offer our help to everybody around or offer to help at the first chance we get. But we are always ready to help the people we like.

If you find an introverted person is being helpful towards you and more so if they offer to help on their own, then it can be a sure sign that they like you.

We connect to you on Social Media:

Introverts as much as they are quite in person, they are active in social media. The social media is our domain.

We introverts like to text more then we talk. Writing comes naturally to us, so writing on social media is more natural to us than talking on the phone. That is why we always prefer texting to calling.

So if you find someone who always likes your posts and comments on your posts. They are the first one who would like your photos, share your stuff with others. And if that person matches the personality profile of an introvert. Then you can be sure that there is an introvert who likes you.

We do Non Introvert things for you:

Most introverts would not go out of their comfort zone as far as possible. We would rather stay at home then go to a party. We would watch a concert on YouTube instead of going and attending the concert.

But when there is a person involved whom we like things are different.

If we really like someone we would go out of our comfort zone to be with that person, or even be at the same place with that person.

If a person who matches the introvert personality type is suddenly bumping into you at parties at games then you can certainly conclude that the introverted person has a thing for you.

They offer you insight:

We introverts have very highly developed powers of observation. We see the world with your keen eyes and understand the minute details that others often miss. This is a unique gift that we introverts have.

However the insights that we have are always kept within ourselves. We do not offer them to anyone else. We fear our observations might seem judgmental or overly scrutinizing if we share them with others.

If we do offer our insight and give anyone our advice it means that we are truly concerned about their wellbeing.

So if an introvert afforest you advice or an opinion even on trivial things, it means there is special place in their heart for you.

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